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End of an Era?

Saw this on the Facebok page for my Degree last week, and thought I’d share. 

"Well what a journey it’s been, I’m sure we all remember the first day of NUCA Photography when we tottered into Uni, fresh faced and bright eyed.
How times change..

During our time here we’ve watched both ourselves and the campus flourish, as while we grew into more competent photographers our College became a full fledged University. We may not realise it now, but we were lucky enough to be a part of this amazing transformation and we are part of a select few who can say with confidence that we were at NUA before it was cool.

It’s been a voyage of self discovery, of friendships, of dramas and of some pretty organised tutoring, but now we’ve come to the final week of our education. 
Although it is a sober fact that all things must all come to an end, this occasion does not have to be a sad one.

So to you, my lovely year 3 photography students, I present to you the final 7 day countdown of BA Photography.

Whether you’re scrambling to get things ordered and organised, kicking back and laughing at everyone else rushing around or simply just diligently getting on with your mountains of writing, we are all united in our hatred of coursework and our burning desire to finish this piece of shit module so we can finally go outside and enjoy the summer.

I wish you all the best in your work and for the future, so with that, let the hate mail flow.”

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Looking Back

Just spent half an hour or so looking back through my blog archive to when I first started uni, and stuff in my Gap Year. 

Wow, a lot has changed, I have changed as a person and my approaches to certain situations have changed too. I’m glad I started this blog, because looking back over past posts really puts into perspective how fast you grow up, and how quickly time moves on. 

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Don’t waste your life in doubts and fears: spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour’s duties will be the best preparation for the hours or ages that follow it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Re-blog of something I shared when at college. It’s my degree deadline on Friday, this quote has never been more fitting. 

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Final Countdown

Its the final couple of weeks of my degree. 
Which is pretty scary, but sometimes I wish I did an academic degree, because then if you don’t do the revision for the exams, its ultimately your fault. 

Creative degrees are not only a load of bullshit, but they mean you have to rely on other people. Other people to frame your prints, other people to make sure the printers at Uni have enough ink and paper for you, other people to be in your photoshoots, other peoples creative opinions. 

Its so much stress its unreal. 

I will get through the next two weeks, but if I find it too easy, then there’s something seriously wrong, and I’ll worry I’ve forgotten to do something fundamentally important. If I find it too hard, I will shut down, become a recluse and refuse to enter sunlight until I’ve calmed down. Probably with a greater grey-hair count and a high blood pressure. 

Heres to hoping there is a happy balance?! 

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Its literally opposite. 

I should really go and get some food. But I’m dangerously close to my overdraft. 

I wish I lived in a gingerbread house…. all problems would be solved. 

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Life cycles full MTB movie

Watching this because its motivational, and it might actually encourage me to do some Uni work. 

Plus its one of my favourite films, and is beautiful. Even if you don’t like bikes!

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A Day of Uni Writing

Today the weather in Norwich is crap.

So its a day for wearing over-sized hoodies and half-arsedly updating the drain of braincells that is my uni blog: simplymtb.tumblr.com

Wondering if its publicly acceptable to go to the co-op that is directly opposite the house, in my current no make-up, messy-hair state. I’m hungry. But I look like total shite, but I also have no food…… and no money.